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Arts & Philosophy Club

The Arts and Philosophy Club aims to promote the development of skills and talents through the arts and the study of philosophy, encouraging children and young people to open up, to dream, and to see opportunities in their world.

We want to allow children and youth to develop their creative mind and be free to learn and discover art through experiments and techniques that we will teach in each project, making them develop their creativity to work with their own artistic perspective.

Through the study of philosophy and meditation in our meetings we want to provide an introspective reflection that allows children to better understand themselves, society and the world around them, stimulating critical thinking and a greater autonomy in thinking, acting and feeling, so that they can make their light shine, believing in their potential.


Society and the world around them are environments that can be stimulated with greater autonomy based on the Christian principles of compassion, solidarity, hope, and faith.

We want to teach children to relate better and help them develop as an active part of a community, developing a socialization and knowledge system with skills and creative capacity.

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“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people" - Vincent Van Gogh


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